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We are an internet pharmacy that provides drugs together with a free prescription. We do this all only after evaluating your condition virtually. Sometimes, a phone call or virtual meeting is not enough to assess your situation correctly.

And, in these circumstances, the drug (prescribed and sold by may react negatively.

Neither we nor our delivery partners are responsible for such kinds of reactions or side effects of the drug. Please take medicine at your own risk.

Since we are a virtual pharmacy, we cannot help or assist you whenever you want or on an urgent basis; please contact your healthcare advisor if you experience any severe side effects of the drug.

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Also, we assist you on behalf of your physical and mental conditions but are not responsible for any overdose or interaction you get by mistake.

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We do not force you to use our assistance as a complete and perfect treatment program. This data (available on the website) is only for general medical purposes and is not applicable in difficult or specific situations.

We are not responsible for any problem you face after using this information as a complete guide.

Also, we do not claim that;

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We do not force you to depend upon the information given on the website entirely. Take a medical consultation from professionals if you have any specific questions about your drug or health condition.

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So, whenever you buy a product from our internet pharmacy, make sure that you read the disclaimer carefully. Once you purchase a drug from our pharmacy and start taking it, with or without prescription, our team/delivery partners/pharma partners will not be responsible for the occurrence of any side effect or medical emergency.