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Q.1 How much time does it take to get the product?

Ans. The approximate time of delivering the product is 4-5 days, may it take a maximum of 7 in case of any emergency or crisis, but this is in rare cases. We try our best to give the product as soon as possible. We work with courier services like US postal services, DHL Express, and UPS to ensure safe and fast delivery.

Q.2 What is the process to place an order?

Ans. You can put your order very quickly in the following steps;

  • Firstly choose the product you want.
  • Add that product into the cart.
  • Fill in all the necessary information like name, address, contact no., age, quantity, a delivery place where to order came, etc.
  • Confirm the order.
  • After all, this, make a payment.

Q.3 What is the return policy of your company?

Ans. By chance, if you get a damaged or wrong order or parcel, then you can return that very quickly with an invoice which you get with that parcel during seven working days. The company understands the value of money we promised you to refund your money if delivery may be wrong or damaged. We will give an activity as soon as we can.

Q.4 How can I consult with this company?

Ans. You can contact us by various methods. We help you for the whole day by phone calls, mail, live chat room. You can call us, and we will give you a solution within half an hour.

Q.5 How are the prices at our site so affordable?

Ans. We try to keep our product price affordable without damaging any services and quality, only by decreasing the cost as much as possible, low margins, batch shipping, more returning customers, and no physical distribution center. After transferring our business to the web, we decreased our maintenance costs by fifty percent and offered our regular service at an affordable price.

Q.6 What are the modes by which who can make payment to our websites?

Ans. You can use various modes for the payment to our webs like debit card, credit card, Paypal, and western union payment method modes for shopping with us. We also accept the transfer of bank and American Express.

Q.8 Is all the information that is given to your web or company is safe or not?

Ans. Yes, be relax your all the information which you share with us is safe. We do not misuse the data and details provided by you.

Q.9 What do I have to do if any answer is not found on your website?

Ans. If you did not find any queries on our websites or want any other questions, you could talk to our customer care executives at any time during the day.

Q.10 What happens after you place an order on our website?

Ans. When you place an order on our websites, the details you provided will be reviewed and filled in by a doctor appointed for this if it is proved that your order will be accepted by our doctor, who we assign. After all, we move to process, and your order will ship to you during the working day.

Q.11 What sort of packing is used for the particular products?

Ans. We gave adequate cover and padding to our products in shipping to confirm their safety and privacy during their travel throughout various delivery systems before the product reaches you.