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What is Darvon?

Dextropropoxyphene is an analgesic in the medicine class is patent. It is an optical isomer of levopropoxyphene. It is intensional for the treatment of mild pain, has an antitussive and local effect.

Important Information

Darvon is a narcotic or opioid analgesic drug class prescribed for mild pain. The brand of Darvon is no longer available in U.S. generic versions may be available.

What to know before taking Darvon?

Tolerance is needed for increasing the dosage of opioids to maintain effects like analgesia. Withdrawal symptoms manifest physically after discontinuation of a drug or administration of analgesia.

Some characterize the opioid or withdrawal syndrome:

  • Restlessness, chills, myalgia, and mydriasis.
  • Another symptom also may develop, including
  • Irritability, anxiety, backache, joint pain,
  • vomiting,diarrhea,nausea

Consult to your doctor if you have;

  • Lung problem,
  • Head injury,
  • Age more than 65 years,
  • History of alcohol addiction,
  • Liver or kidney problem

How to take Darvon?

Patients must take care to report pain and adverse experiences occurring during therapy. Mainly dosage is essential to make optimal use of this medication. Patients must take care not to combine with central nervous system depressants except by the prescribing doctor’s orders because additive effects may occur. who should guide patients not to consume alcoholic beverages, including prescription and over the counter medications that contain alcohol during using Darvon (propoxyphene) because of the risk of serious adverse events, including

Women of a child in the womb potentially who become, or are planning to become, pregnant should advise consulting their physician regarding the effects of analgesics and other drug use during pregnancy on themselves and their unborn child. Patients should advise that Darvon (propoxyphene) is a potential drug of abuse. They should protect it from theft, and who should never give it to anyone other than the individual for whom it prescribes.

Patients should advise that if they have been receiving treatment with Darvon (propoxyphene) for more than a few weeks and cessation of therapy indicates, it may be appropriate to taper the Darvon rather than abruptly discontinue its risk of precipitating withdrawal symptoms. Their physician can provide a dosing schedule to accomplish a gradual discontinuation of the medication.

Dravon Dosage

It uses to relieve mild to moderate pain. The dose of this medication adjusts according to the severity of pain, patient response, and patient size. The primary dosage of this medication is 65 mg propoxyphene hydrochloride tablets every 4 hours according to the need of Darvon is six tablets per day. The maximum dose is six tablets in a day. Do not increase from the maximum dose of a day.

For patients who used Darvon (propoxyphene) regularly for a period, when medication with Darvon is no longer need for the treatment of their pain, it can be helpful to gradually discontinue the Darvon (propoxyphene) overtime to protect the development of an opioid abstinence syndrome (). In general, therapy can be decreased by twenty to fifty percent in a day with careful tracking for withdrawal symptoms. If the patient develops the following signs or symptoms, the dose must be raised to the previous level and down more slowly,  by increasing the between decreases, decreasing the amount of change in amount, or both.


If someone occur overdose and if they have a severe problem like

  • Problem in breathing

Or consult the poison control center right away. It would help if you had immediate medical attention.

What to avoid during using Darvon?

Do not drink grapefruit when you are taking this medication. Do not drink alcohol while using Darvon. Using alcohol with a dragon may increase your risk of having dangerous side effects. Do not eat grapefruits and do not use the product made by grapefruits.

Darvon Side Effects

Nervous system side effects have included dizziness, stupor, delirium. The sedative effects of propoxyphene have been associated with a 60% increased risk of hip fracture in elderly patients.

The common side effect of Dravon;

  • Drowsiness,
  • Sleepiness,
  • Stomach pain,
  • Muscle pain,
  • Skin rash.
  • Blurred vision,
  • contraction,
  • Headache,
  • Dizziness

If you have serious side effects of Dravon:

  • Slow heartbeat,
  • Fainting,
  • Shallow heartbeat,
  • Confusion,
  • Unusual thought or behavior, seizure
  • Yellowish of skin or eyes

What drugs can interact with Darvon?

Propoxyphene is metabolized mainly through the human cytochrome system. Therefore potential interactions may cause when propoxyphene is administered concurrently with active agents. Increased risk of bleeding has been noticed with warfarin-like agents when given along with propoxyphene, whatever the mechanistic basis of interaction is unknown.

Patients receiving narcotic analgesics, general anesthetics, phenothiazines, other tranquilizers, sedative-hypnotics, or other CNS depressants (including alcohol) concomitantly with propoxyphene can exhibit an additive CNS depression. Interactive effects resulting in respiratory depression, profound sedation, or coma may result if these drugs are combined with the usual dosage of Darvon (propoxyphene). When such combined therapy contemplates who should reduce the dose of one of both agents

Propoxyphene may impair the mental and physical abilities required to perform potentially hazardous tasks, such as driving a car or operating machinery. The patient should be cautioned accordingly. Patients should be concerned about using propoxyphene products and alcohol because of potentially CNS-additive severe effects of these agents that may lead to death also.