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Shipping Policy

We give the special policy and attention to every customer of shipping of the product on time. In the process of shipping, we inform our customer related to shipping details which include a method of shipping, overall duration, any specific restrictions, or shipping options. This is not necessary to tell about the shipping policy, but if you don’t tell about this how customer knows about their charges of shipping.

I was never confused between shipping policy and refund policy.

Shipping policy of medical pharma of USA

Shipping options– We have three types of shipping overnight, service standard, and express. If you any emergency then you can through overnight by which deliver the product within 24 hours. 

Shipping Cost

The overall cost of the shipping depends on the shipping options which you help with. Overnight shipping is costly.

Time duration

The standard time duration is mostly 48 hours which depends on the destination. We do not deliver the product on national holiday which works in working day of weeks.

Payment Information

We accepted the credit card, debit card, American Express, bank transfer.

Return Policy

If you get a damaged product, then you can return the particular product with seven days of working hours. But this is a rare case that we deliver damaged products.


Our team members respond you all the questions and queries within 24 hours.